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Less fussing,
more hacking.
Guides and templates designed to facilitate the groundwork
so you can focus on what's important -
designing, demonstrating, and implementing your solution.

We've gathered learnings from over 500 Hackathons to develop the Hacker's Toolkit.

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The five tools that make up your Hacker's Toolkit

Team Management

The Hacker Mindset

At Hackathons, newly formed teams need to work together cohesively to create a tangible solution. Ensure that the team has a strong vision and that everyone is on track to do their part in creating an achievable solution.


Successful Brainstorming

Rapid Ideation


Brainstorming. Love it or hate it, it's an essential (but also a very time consuming) step of the Hackathon process. Help your team speed things up by using a structured framework based on design thinking. By the end you will have one solid idea to pursue. All of this, in only one hour. 

Long-term Strategy

Hacker's Lean Canvas

​It's easy to focus on the short-term goal of having a prototype ready for judging. Stand out from the crowd by having a holistic view of how your solution fits into a bigger goal and strategy. 


Sustainable Solutions

Business Model CPR

​Breathe life into your solution. Position your product so that it adds value and creates happy customers. Attract potential investors with an understanding on how you will create a sustainable and measurable profit margin.

Compelling Pitches

Pitch Like A Pro

What the judges see is often more important than how good your idea is. Secure your success by knowing how you will pitch your solution from the very start - ensuring that the judges can clearly understand the solution you've built.

Prepare yourself to succeed
Get the Hacker's Toolkit straight to your inbox

Easy to follow lessons

​We've split the five tools that make up the Hacker's Toolkit into five easily digestible lessons. 

​Enroll to our email course that will take you through each tool and explain how they can help you succeed in your next Hackathon. 

You’ll receive one email per day and the course will only take one week to complete. 

​At the end of the week, you will receive a certificate of completion and you’ll be ready to participate in your next Hackathon with your new skillset! 

Upgrade your toolkit!

Consider upgrading your toolkit and get beautiful and functional one-page templates that you can bring with you!

Consider Templates: 
One-page frameworks to help you focus

Condensed single-page design

Use your time for what's important. The one-page framework is designed to help you concentrate on the points that matter.

Beautiful printable templates

Take your Hacker's Toolkit with you anywhere. Save them to your desktop, iPad, or print them out so you can easily fill them in when you need it. 

Includes examples, explanations and glossaries

Be confident in guiding your team to victory. Easy references, definitions of words in layman's terms, and pre-filled templates are included.

Hacker's Toolkit full TRANSPARENT
What's included in your Hacker's Toolkit

For Everybody

Email course explaining

the 5 tools in your Hacker Toolkit

Certificate of Completion


For Regular Participants

Email course explaining

the 5 tools in your Hacker Toolkit

Certificate of Completion

Hacker's Toolkit one-page framework templates

Portable examples, explanations, and glossaries for easy review

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