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Your guide to organising successful Hackathons
Grab the ultimate resource for running your own Hackathon.
This the textbook on Hackathons, answering the important questions: Why, Who, What, When and How.

Looking for the Hacker's Toolkit? Click here

"Catch the wave, ride the wave, then make waves."

Guide your personal, professional,
and career development

Here are five great reasons how Hackathons can directly benefit you -

both today, and in the future. Remember: it's all about the 'T.E.S.T.S.'


Scout, test, and recruit skilled individuals. Hackathons are an ideal environment for participants to showcase their leadership, teamwork, and technical skills. 



Teach participants the art of possibilities. Hackathons promote innovative thinking, encouraging participants to consider, design, and develop using new found knowledge.



Facilitate networking and improve communication. Participants are thrown into a melting pot of ideas, allowing them to share and learn as they create together.



Promote emerging technologies. Use a Hackathon to find different use cases and popularise the integration of your platform, while encouraging the development of inventive solutions.



Find and create new members, projects or ventures that are worth investing in. Highlight a cause that you are passionate about and entice skilled teams to create original, sustainable, and profitable solutions.

Inspire the creation of the future, today.
Alpha development

The Full Hackathon Handbook is still under development.

You are welcome to support this development by purchasing the alpha version of the Handbook. 

The Alpha version is an electronic copy and covers the essentials of what makes a Hackathon. 

As a special thank you, we are including a mentoring session with one of our co-founders.

This time limited opportunity will only continue until the complete Hackathon Handbook is available.

We can still support your Hackathon

Hackathons International is committed to providing support

to help you organise a successful Hackathon. 

We bring our extensive knowledge and experience which covers both online and offline Hackathons. 


Get in touch with us and get the support that brings your Hackathon to the next level.

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