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Hire the best talent while streamlining your applicant process. 

Leverage Hackathons as an untapped channel to reach & bring together diverse, qualified, and purpose-driven individuals - driving hiring outcomes at scale

Recruiting the right employee is difficult.

Talent Acquisition Managers shared that even with high applicant volume, the current lengthy and impersonal hiring process makes it hard to find the right candidate. 

Saved Time

A hackathon makes it easy to test a large group of applicant skillsets in 48 hours instead of several weeks. 

DEI Focused

We partner with local DEI organizations including Girls in Tech and HBCU's to source applicants. 

Beyond a Resume

Hackathon workshops and final projects make it easier to see a candidate's skillset beyond their resume. While also giving one the opportunity to meet and speak with participants face to face to see their cultural fit. 

Our Solutions

Sponsor a Hackathon

Join one of our 2023 hackathons or work with our team to host your own.

Become a Talent Partner

Let our team be an extension of your sourcing team as we hand pick candidates based on your ideal profile. 

At Hackathons International, we produce hackathons to help companies like yours achieve hiring, brand awareness and organizational goals.

- Bee Law, Account Executive at Hackathons International

How Hackathons Help Recruiting and Acquisition Teams!

Hackathons International specializes in creating engaging, online experiences intended for global audiences. We offer three different types of hackathons, each tackling a specific problem with it's solution tailored to your outcomes.

Increase your brand awareness

Whether locally, regionally, or globally, our Hackathon events will help increase your brand awareness and perception among diverse candidates.  

*Recommend our CityHacks*

Drive hiring outcomes

Tailor to modern candidate preferences, provide value, and assess applicable & soft skills in our pressurized Hackathon hiring environment. 

*Recommend our HackersUnited*

Promote innovation

 Leverage our hackathon framework to help individuals work as a team, network, understand challenges, and create meaningful and innovative solutions.

*Recommend our Internal Hacks*


There are five main reasons why companies, organizations, educational institutions, professional association groups, charities and governments run Hackathons - which are also the five reasons why participants enjoy hackathons! Remember: 'T.E.S.T.S.'


Recruiting skilled individuals.


Inform communities about the possibilities.


Bring like-minded individuals together to create a solution.


Demonstrating the potential of emerging technologies


Kick off a new project or solution.


The general structure of a Hackathon can be summarized as follows. Remember: it's all about the 'T.E.C.H.'


Team Formation

Meet others quickly and find team members


Empathy Mapping

Identify the opportunity and find a problem to solve for a paying customer


Customer Engagement

Get your innovative minds working because you'll need to think outside the box (if there is a box!)​



Mark Zuckerberg describes hacking as "building something quickly or testing the boundaries of what can be done"

At a Hackathon, teams quickly prototype their idea/solution. 


Whether you're a data analyst, designer, researcher, developer, budding entrepreneur, student, or just someone who is willing to learn, Hackathons need a mix of diverse people in order for innovation to occur. 

Usually teams should comprise of the Minimum Viable Team which consists of the:


Our hackathons can be fully in-person, online or hosted to fit a hybrid event. Teams are expected to develop the following over the hackathon weekend.

  • A feature for an existing business (working function)
  • OR develop a new technology solution (new business idea from scratch)


Key attendance to sessions include the below - *compulsory attendance*. There will be 2-3 x workshops and we expect you to send 1  team member to attend each workshop. 

* Agendas can be modified to fit you and your organizations needs prior to the hackathon. This is an example of our agendas at previous events. 


Workshops are often led by sponsors  of the hackathon to showcase a development tool or more. 

Information Session / Workshop

Thursday from 5:30-7pm

  • An introduction to the Hackathon

  • Technology Upskilling Workshop

  • Hackathon Tips and Tricks

  • Networking

Final Showcase

Sunday from 3-5pm

  • Participants to present their demo and presentations (4 min each)

  • Judges to determine winners

  • What's next for Hackathon

Opening Keynote

Saturday, from 9-10am

  • Keynote Speaker

  • Hackathon Logistics and Process

  • Challenge Statements revealed

  • Team Registration

Read what previous Recruiters and Talent Acquisition Managers have said about us!

Dustin Eden.jpg
Amazon Logo.png

Dustin Edens
Senior Manager

Talent Acquisition

" Partnering with Hackathons International has given us that opportunity to give exposure to the Amazon culture and Amazon interviewing process and a great opportunity to give back to our local community"


There are many articles that you can read, however we've put together The Hacker's Toolkit - a set of templates and tools so that you know exactly what to do when you participate in your first Hackathon.

Check them out!


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