Innovation Begins with You

"We believe in revolutionizing the work experience by placing individuals first and allowing for authentic engagements in a hackathon setting. Innovation begins with shaping company culture through trust, inclusivity and community" 

- Angela Chan: CEO and Co-Founder of Hackathons International

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Our Services

HackForHire/Hackers Unite

Fill open positions with a teammate you can trust

HackForHire hackathons let you view candidates up close through live demonstration of their stand out skills and collaboration abilities. 

Community Hacks

Community leads to innovation.

City hackathons are designed to enhance the creativity and ingenuity of anyone and everyone with the passion to build a better future. 

Internal Company Hackathons

Consistent innovation leads to growth

Let us show you how an internal hackathon can solve your business problems and build employee belonging.


Hackathons are short, pressurized competitions where ideas are designed, developed, deployed and demonstrated.

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Companies that Trust Us

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What Others Are Saying 

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Dustin Edens
Senior Manager

Talent Acquisition

" Partnering with Hackathons International has given us that opportunity to give exposure to the Amazon culture and Amazon interviewing process and a great opportunity to give back to our local community"


Join our community for insider tips and learnings from over 500 hackathons. 

Our Hackathons International toolkit will provide information on how to organize and run a successful hackathon, problem solving, design thinking strategies and a first look at upcoming events around the globe.