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Hackathons We Support

Taiwan Presidential Hackathon

Taiwan Presidential Hackathon

Organised by: Presidential Office of Taiwan

Create a data driven solution on climate to the Taiwan Presidential Office

19 Aug - 14 Oct | 2021

Host Country: Taiwan

Present to the Taiwan Presidential Office Building

#SocialHack - Gathering ideas to help advance climate change in conjunction with the Taiwanese government

Thinkwave 3.0

Thinkwave 3.0

Organised by: Thinkwave 3.0

For students from all over in the world to demonstrate their innovative ideas and entrepreneurial enthusiasm

18 Sep - 20 Nov | 2021

Host Country: Sri Lanka

50-80k LKR

#StartupHack - New innovative ideas for student entrepreneurs

Metis Hackathon

Metis Hackathon

Organised by: and Crypto Chicks

Build a sustainable new world on web3

2 Oct - 30 Sep | 2021

Host Country: undefined

$1,000,000 in #Metis prize pool

#TechHack - Learn about the Metis Web3 ecosystem

Restart 2021

Restart 2021

Organised by: Pozi

Pitch your startup for a chance for a possible investment of $30k USD

9 Oct - 16 Oct | 2021

Host Country: Hungary

$30k USD funding

#Startup - finding new businesses to invest in

GenU Virtual Hackathon

GenU Virtual Hackathon

Organised by: Gaza Sky Geeks

GSG and UNICEF are joining hands to build the biggest virtual hackathon ever in Palestine

21 Oct - 25 Oct | 2021

Host Country: Palestine

$20K+ will be awarded during the incubation period supporting up to 10 teams developing their solutions

#EducationHack - Targeting youth aged 16-24 years

APAC SecurIT Cup

APAC SecurIT Cup

Organised by: Hackathons International

Help solve cybersecurity issues

30 Oct - 31 Oct | 2021

Host Country: Australia

Local prize $1,500 AUD. Global prize $10k USD

#EducationHack - For students who want to learn about cybersecurity


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