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Organised by: SAS

Learn about the potential of data science

1 Mar - 31 Mar | 2021

Host Country: Italy

Present at Virtual SAS® Global Forum 2021

#StartupHack - Get introduced to the SAS Vector Labs team (SAS Innovation Hub) for further application development



Organised by: MergeIntern

HackYou is 28 Hour fully-online, people-focussed hackathon hosted by Merge Intern. We Help you turn your ideas into reality by providing a comforting and welcoming environment.

You’ll have all the freedom to create a product, learn new things, and to have hilariously funny moments with your friends.

Moreover, we’ll offer you a chance to network with working professionals and hacker community leaders.

10 Apr - 11 Apr | 2021

Host Country: APAC


#EducationHack - Blockchain, AI/ML, AR and Open Innovation

The UN #WorldInnovationDay Hackathon

The UN #WorldInnovationDay Hackathon

Organised by: Hackmakers

Optimising sustainable practices for health, education, the economy and future of work with innovation, creativity and technology.

15 Apr - 19 Apr | 2021

Host Country: Australia


#Education, Health, Society

AI Sports Hackathon 2021

AI Sports Hackathon 2021

Organised by: CoderOneHQ

The AI Sports Challenge is a free online AI programming tournament for engineers of all levels with an interest in artificial intelligence. Teams across the globe program their own bot capable of autonomously competing in an AI multiplayer game for a chance to win prizes, job opportunities, and of course, bragging rights.

21 Apr - 6 May | 2021

Host Country: Australia

$5000 AUD

AI Sports




E-Cell, VIT is in collaboration with Technology Business Incubator (TBI) under government of India. TBI along with E-Cell provides the students with an advanced platform for converting their potential small scale ideas into leading start-ups.

29 Apr - 30 Apr | 2021

Host Country: India


#Education Hack



Organised by: Queen Elizabeth's School

One of the first ever hackathons run by students of a secondary school in the UK, and possibly Europe. Our hackathon has begun admissions and registrations in advance of what should be a fantastic event on the weekend before the May Bank Holiday, where we have event sponsors, speakers and workshops which will take place over the 2 day period, as well as the overall submission and competition running alongside the event

30 Apr - 1 May | 2021

Host Country: United Kingdom


#Social Hack - User Interaction



Organised by: The Connect East Incubator

RESTART2021 is a Global Online event to connect ideas and innovators to lead the changes that will shape our lives. Our aim is to inspire and connect those working on the solutions.

30 Apr - 30 Jun | 2021

Host Country: Hungary


#Social Hack - connecting like-minded individuals to work together towards a similar goal


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