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Dan Murphy’s Crowdsources Its Sustainability Strategy With Employees Through An Internal Hackathon




Increased awareness in company’s sustainability strategy

Net Promoter Score

Improvement in employee’s confidence in the company

The Hackathon brings together all facets of our business, and exposes each person to the many different perspectives and ideas our teams can create. – Participant


Company Bio

Dan Murphys is a worldwide company

Industry: Internet Retail

Locations: Australia, North America, UK



Environmental protection, mental health and ethical leadership are hotly debated issues in our community and the world stage. Businesses across the world, including Dan’s competitors are increasingly devoting resources to ESG initiatives and the rate of take up is accelerating. With Dan’s creating their own sustainability plan, their goal was to crowdsource ideas around the company’s products, “green movement” and store operations.



Hackathons International facilitated an in-person Hackathon for 27 Dan's employees based on topics including Product, Clean Movement, and Store Operations. This was held in celebration of World Environment Day 2022.


Key Results

  • 11% increased confidence of employees implementing actions around sustainability

  • 27 attendees from around Australia

  • 10% Increased understanding of Dan's Sustainability Strategy

  • 77% would refer hackathons to another employee

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