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BGIS Improves Cross-functional Team Knowledge Sharing With An Internal Hack




Increased Confidence In Knowledge Sharing

Net Promoter Score

Increase For Internal Brand Perception

The BGIS #AssetHack allowed the team from all regions to focus on a problem, identifying the true need and develop multiple solutions that can be implemented in a short time. It was great to work collaboratively with other members of different regions! A fantastic opportunity to get like minded people working together. – Josephine Chu, Participant


Company Bio

BGIS is a technology enabled, technically-led global integrated facilities management provider focused on providing disruptive business solutions for our clients, through a culture of caring, innovation and high-performance.

Industry: Building services/Facility management

Locations: ustralia, North America, UK



Through conversations, we’ve discovered that BGIS needed support in the following areas:

  1. Developing solutions to improve the quality, efficiency, and reliability of asset data being captured across all sites of BGIS in the form of a new system or process which includes technology based tools.

  2. Increasing employee engagement between four different regions at BGIS

  3. Fostering knowledge sharing on asset management across the company


Solution | #HackTN

#AssetHack was a short, pressurized competition where teams identified a solution that can be utilized across all four regions to capture, audit, and manage asset data. This hackathon contained 20 participants from the 4 regions and spanned 3 days.


Key Results

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