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Amazon Partners With Hackathons International To Boost The Local Tech Ecosystem In Nashville




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#HackTN was the perfect way to invigorate my passion for entrepreneurship, innovation and inclusion in one quick weekend. As a student, I found this experience easy to join, exciting, and well worth my time! – Josephine Chu, Participant


Company Bio

Amazon is an American tech multinational whose business interests include e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. A Fortune 100 mainstay, is also one of the five largest and most dominant technology companies in the U.S.

Industry: Internet Retail

Locations: Seattle, Nashville, Toronto



Covid-19 and the pandemic presented a new challenge for many companies the last few years. The primary goal for partnership was to increase brand awareness and positive community perception after the pandemic at the newly built Nashville headquarters by demonstrating Amazon's commitment to the tech ecosystem.


Solution | #HackTN

With core partners Amazon and Meharry Medical College, #HackTN accomplished it's joint goal of enhancing the growing tech ecosystem in Nashville, TN. Using the social determents of health (SDOH), provided by Meharry Medical College, this hybrid city hackathon focused all efforts towards advancing minority groups throughout TN and the country.

#HackTN served as a bridge for Amazon and the local community by peeling back the mystery of one of biggest tech companies in the world.


Key Results

#HackTN aided in Amazon's visibility increasing by 12% in the local Nashville space. The hackathon had 115 individuals registered for #HackTN. 65 of those registered completed the hackathon from start to finish showcasing a total of 17 products.

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