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We partner with organisations that are running online, global Hackathons and help them with their marketing to attract participants. Every Hackathon we feature must be a partner of ours because we take a lot of effort and care to ensure each Hackathon is a success.

We are looking for:

a) Strategic Partners: Organisations who manage an active community in their respective geographic areas, or continuously organize Hackathons throughout the year. We are compiling a Hackathon International Directory to unify hacker-communities around the world. 

b) Community Partners: Organisers who want to promote their Hackathon through our social media platforms are welcomed to contact us. In addition, we will be interviewing the organisers/sponsors to show the 'unique value proposition' of your Hackathon, as well as offering 1x free workshop on 'the secret sauce to managing a winning team'. In return we need to drive brand awareness and community members injected into our FB group

Please note we only feature Hackathons that are from one of our partners. 

"Catch the wave, ride the wave, then make waves"

Angela Bee Chan, Founder & CEO Hackathons International



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For Partners: Job Application
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