How do I get the most out of my Hackathon experience?

The first thing is to understand who is organising the Hackathon and why they're running it. If it aligns to your values then go ahead and register! 

For example, if a Hackathon is organised by a tech company, they want people to use their APIs/data/platforms so if you are wanting to learn new skills then you should register. 

How do I get people to join my team?

The organisers of the Hackathon will facilitate this and each will have a different method. The best way to get people on board is to ask your friends, or post your idea on the 'Hackathons International' Facebook Group to find seasoned Hackathon-goers to be part of your team.

What is the secret to winning a Hackathon?

We believe that innovation is the intersection between the novelty and the need. Usually judges look for a solution that solves a problem, there's a gap in the market, team members are experienced, the prototype displayed is user friendly and actually works!

Can I put Hackathons on my resume?

Absolutely! We've had many people use their Hackathon projects in their design portfolios, LinkedIn profiles and resumes. It shows that you are willing to experiment, have a creative mindset, and that you're a digital nomad! 

How do I prepare to do a Hackathon?

We've got you covered! With our Hacker Toolkit videos, you can learn about 

- managing a winning team

- coming up with creative ideas

- developing a business model

- creating an impressive pitch

Are accessibility resources available at a Hackathon?

We're exploring ways to make our online hackathons more accessible. Currently, we provide video and audio of the presentations through Zoom and automated closed captioning.



Access practical templates to help you get the most out of your next Hackathon. Full kit includes video explanations, downloadable samples and glossary for  templates listed below.