Let us help you organise your Hackathon

Hackathons International specializes in creating

engaging, online experiences intended for global audiences

How can we help?

We guide you through the design, development, and deployment of your Hackathon


Educational workshops that get your participants ready

to reach their full potential


We help you reach out to contact participants

on a global scale


Whether you’re just starting out and need help with structuring your Hackathon, 

or need an expert to facilitate your Hackathon, we are here for you. 

Our super powers are designing and architecting online experiences whilst achieving measurable outcomes. Get in touch today and bring your Hackathon to the next level.


Providing strategic sessions that will determine the best structure and agenda for the desired outcomes


Setting up online tools and resources, educating and coordinate your stakeholders,

marketing to your target participants


Facilitating the Hackathon to ensure everyone are highly engaged and have a positive experience


We offer educational workshops to encourage entrepreneurial and innovative design.


Our focus is delivering learning outcomes based on curriculums, alongside personal and career development. All of our workshops are interactive and engaging with hands-on activities for all participants. No previous experience required.

Our main program is the Hacker Toolkit where we teach students how to ace Hackathons over five sessions, equipping them to be successful. 

Other workshops offered are:

- Entrepreneurial Leadership 

- Online Personal Branding 

- Corporate Innovation 

- Career Acceleration 

- Design Thinking 

If you have a topic you'd like us to present on, please get in touch and ask us! 


Since starting our organization in late March 2020 due to COVID19, we have an active community of 700 members from 40+ countries around the world.


To help you get participants around the world to join your event, we have three packages depending on how active you want us to be.


Gain exposure to our members through our social media platforms


Highlight your unique value proposition to participants through all our channels


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