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Hackathon Sandbox - Waitlist

Do you have a tangible product that is ready to turn into a side hustle or business? We are disrupting the incubator and pre-accelerator space by offering a low-cost, subscription-based education program. 


The Hackathon Sandbox is a place where you'll be equipped with the tools, processes, networks and education to test and validate your target market - all at only $29USD per month, $290 USD per year, or $499 USD lifetime membership. 


By being on the waitlist, we will acknowledge you as one of our first customers, you'll be the first to receive news on the program, get your first month FREE, get a mentoring session with one of our co-founders and receive a welcome pack. 


We will be launching the platform on February 21, 2021.


This is brought to you by Hackathons International in partnership with Hackathon Entertainment

Hackathon Sandbox - Waitlist

    • Developing a landing page (domain, server, email, cloud storage)
    • How to run market validation and develop a sales funnel (who and how)
    • Creating a working pretotype (minimum viable product)
    • Setting up your business (shareholder agreement, company business number, legal, etc)
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