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We are addressing the talent shortage

  • Increase Brand Awareness - Tap into our network of partners with a reach of over 5 million individuals to promote your company and job openings.

  • Improve Brand Perception - Use our hackathon approach to support social issues, resonate with the demands of the modern employee, and create a recruitment competitive advantage with a shorter cycle.

  • Get Qualified Hires - Measure what matters: applicable skills, soft skills, and culture fit, to directly interview qualified tech talent and hire them within 1 week from the hackathon.

  • Build Hiring Pipeline - Receive a list of other participants (and relevant data points) which you can use for other positions or interview rounds (as well as future pipeline).

  • Get Brand and Employee Value Proposition Insights  - Understand what participants had to say about your brand and EVP - helping you improve to further attract talent.

What is a Hackathon?

A Hackathon is a short, pressurized competition where a diverse group of people come together to create and test ideas.


During the process, ideas are designed, developed, and then showcased to a judging panel.


They're creative, dynamic and when done correctly, is an excellent tool to find passionate and forward thinking individuals that will be a perfect fit for your organisation and teams! 

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What our customers have said

"We are thankful Hackathons International helped support us through managing this hackathon and providing this amazing opportunity for students!"

- Nicole Frankel

Student Engagement & Employability Manager,

Faculty of IT at Monash University,

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

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