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Creating digital solutions for not-for-profits

COVID19 has impacted many of us in many ways. One sector that been majorly hit are the not-for-profit (NFP) sector, where traditional volunteer hours can no longer be done face to face (think cleaning beaches, cooking for the homeless, visiting aged care facilities). At the same time, NFPs are now required to fast track their digital transformation journeys as communities have transitioned online.

So how can we virtually volunteer our time to help these not-for-profits quickly adapt to the new norm?


Hackathons International has partnered with Communiteer to provide skills-based online volunteering - all from the comfort of your own home! 


Communiteer is a crowdsourcing platform that connects, engages and mobilises volunteers to tackle the world’s greatest challenges through virtual volunteering. 


A sophisticated process is used to match corporations and their volunteers with not-for-profit social good projects, based on their values, skills and availability. The result is a community in which everyone can collaborate together to create impact, spread awareness about social causes and connect with likeminded people.


Evaluate the impact of you and your team's work by accessing detailed reporting, collaborate with not-for-profits in focus cause areas, and build empathy and customer-centricity within your team.



Online hackathons are the new 'volunteer days' for corporates organizations, professional industry groups, and social groups. They're a unique experience that enable a high level of engagement, interactiveness and creativity for small or large teams. 

They can range from 1 day to 1 week programs​, and include tasks that require diverse perspectives and skills.


Onboard Hackathon participants onto the Communiteer platform. Select a task from a NFP you want to help out with.


We'll help you designdevelop, and deploy the online Hackathon: an opportunity to use your volunteer hours to solely work and focus on the task.


Once your solutions are complete, present the outcomes to the NFPs you've helped, and track its progress online using Communiteer.

Interested to know more?

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