We are a proud team of innovators, who are not afraid to challenge the norm. We are constant learners and inhabit an entrepreneurial mindset and approach for our customers. 

To ensure that all of our activities follow the Hackathons International ethos and values, we have developed an outline to describe what exactly we expect from each other and our fellow changemakers:


Our long term aspiration


To be the world's largest platform for translating ideas and putting them into action that deliver business and sustainble outcomes.


Why we are here - the purpose of our business


To educate and create tomorrow's changemakers by designing, developing, and delivering innovative experiences that bring collaboration, creativity, and communities together. 



The Unique Value Proposition

Hackathons are a tool to:

a) recruit talented individuals with digital skills

b) get educated on entrepreneurial thinking

c) socially bring like-minded individuals together

d) play with emerging technologies

e) an opportunity to launch projects and business ventures 


What is important to us

The core values we possess as a team are:

  • Diversity - The inclusion of everyone

  • Sustainability - Creating a sustainable and liveable planet

  • Practicality - Walking the talk by putting ideas into action

Our work culture endorses:

  • 'Work not work' policy - When it feels like work, we'll give you a different challenge

  • 'FLEARN'-ing - learning to fail, but also having fun learning

  • 'Creative work' - the future of work is one which is well balanced: time dedicated to family, friends, hobbies, sport, full time-work, and creative-work

The team uses combination of passion, purpose, and profession, to run Hackathons International. 


How we started


COVID19 hit everyone hard in 2020. Instead of letting our fears take ownership of our lives, we saw this as a ripe opportunity to unite Hackathon communities together. 

On March 30, 2020 Hackathons International was born. Now, we're on the move to take over the world. Join us as we create this worldwide movement of spreading the 'hackathon bug'. 


Our expertise

Our team has a decade of experience participating, organising, judging, mentoring and supporting 500 Hackathons all around the world.

Dave Bell.jfif

Chief Commercial Officer

Innovation Leader at Telstra Labs, Unconference Organizer, Scrum and Agile Master

Angela Bee Chan Square.png

Chief Experience Officer

Founder of Hackathons Australia, Former Innovation Lead Schneider Electric, TedX Speaker

Chief Technology Officer

University of Sydney Researcher, Data Science and Analyst, Web Developer and Problem Solver