Our Vision

Hackathons International aims to empower everyone in the world to be changemakers

What we do

We provide educational material (templates, videos and eLearning modules) so that innovators, organisers and partners are well equipped when preparing and participating in online, global experiences

Our Story

In 2014, a group of regular hackathon enthuiasts were at the pub wondering how they could use their skills to solve meaningful and impactful problems. Hackathons Australia was created. Six years later, COVID-19 hit and the world became more digital. With hackathon communities allowing people from anywhere in the world to participate, we saw an opportunity to unite changemakers. Hackathons International was born. 

Our Core Values

- Diversity: being inclusive of everyone

- Sustainability: fulfiling the UN's Sustainable Development Goals so that the planet is sustainable and liveable

- Equality: ensuring that all voices are heard and considered

How we work

We believe the future of work is one which is well balanced: time dedicated to family, friends, hobbies, sport, full time-work, and creative-work

The team using their 'creative-work,' a combination of passion, purpose, and profession, to run Hackathons International. 

The Team

Chief Education Officer: Angela Bee Chan

Chief Data Officer: Patrick Seow

Chief Growth Officer: Dave Bell

What is a Hackathon?

A creative, intensive process where a diverse group of people come together to solve meaningful problems by creating a Minimum Awesome Product, often using technology

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