We are a proud team of innovators, who are not afraid to challenge the norm. We are constant learners and inhabit an entrepreneurial mindset and approach for our customers. 

To ensure that all of our activities follow the Hackathons International ethos and values, we have developed an outline to describe what exactly we expect from each other and our fellow changemakers:


Our long term aspiration


We make tech opportunities accessible for everyone, everywhere. No matter which ethnical background you're from, where you live around the world, if you have no experience in tech and are wanting to make a change, we are there for you. 


Why we are here - the purpose of our business


We deliver the best Hackathon experiences for our communities. Our people are at the core of what we do, and we LOVE Hackathons. Yes, we have the Hackathon-bug and we want to vigorously spread it around the world by running best-in-class Hackathon events. 


The Unique Value Proposition

Hackathons are a tool to:

a) recruit talented individuals with digital skills

b) get educated on entrepreneurial thinking

c) socially bring like-minded individuals together

d) play with emerging technologies

e) an opportunity to launch projects and business ventures 


What is important to us

The core values we possess as a team are:

  • Diversity - The inclusion of everyone and the appreciation of everyone's unique skills

  • Sustainability - Working towards creating a sustainable and livable planet

  • Practicality - Walking the talk by putting ideas into action, put on that #hustle

Our work culture endorses:

  • 'Work not work' policy - When it feels like work, we'll give you a different challenge

  • 'FLEARN'-ing - learning to fail, but also having fun learning. We appreciate continuous learning

  • 'Creative work' - the future of work is one which is well balanced: time dedicated to family, friends, hobbies, sport, full time-work, and creative-work

The team uses combination of passion, purpose, and profession, to run Hackathons International. 


How we started


Starting as 'Hackathons Australia in 2014, we matured the Australian market to understand that Hackathons are not just for programmers.

Project managers, designers, architects, engineers, sales people, customer service reps, and people from all walks of life were becoming to come together to grow each other. The country began to quickly mature - both in innovation and technology design, as well as programming. 

When COVID19 hit, we saw a wealth of companies see work we'd done and wanted to tap into the Australian talent pool through us, so we took the opportunity to expand internationally. 

Today we are championing opportunities in STEM, and particular in technology. We are scoping top talent and ensuring they are placed at the right companies and teams to excel in their careers.


Our expertise

Our team has a decade of experience participating, organising, judging, mentoring and supporting 500 Hackathons all around the world.

Angela Bee Chan Square.png

Angela Bee Chan

Chief Executive Officer

Miguel Altamirano.jfif

Miguel Altamirano

Head of Sales

Helen Du.jfif

Helen Du

Chief Operations Officer

Phillip Zhuang.jfif

Philip Zhuang

Chief Finance Officer

Dorothy Dube.jfif

Dorothy Dube

Project Coordinator