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Are you ready to take on the world and work for Amazon in Nashville? This two day weekend Hackathon will be a fun and engaging way to experience what it's like to work at Amazon.


Working in collaborative groups, you'll be challenged with a real industry problem. The Amazon recruiting team will be assessing your skills along the way. 

Apply to attend this Hackathon to get hired at Amazon. Applications close May 21st, 2022

Challenge Topics

The Amazon Offices at Nashville Yards is a hub for technology roles. There will be two main topics to choose from during the Hackathon. It'll be helpful for you to read about these before you apply. 


Amazon Transportation Services

At Amazon, their customers place orders from around the world. At Amazon Transportation Services (ATS), they  identify the fastest and most convenient way to move packages to their final destination. With people, innovation, sustainability, and safety at our core, they bring together sort centers, road transport, air transport, and reverse logistics — all powered in real time by the latest technology — to deliver smiles to customers.

ATS is a diverse organization that creates safe workplaces for people to grow and develop. One that understands that true Customer Obsession means operating in an environment where safety is prioritized over efficiency; where diversity, equity, and inclusion are the bedrock of an engaged employee population; and where leaders have a duty to scale responsibly and set the bar for sustainability leaving things better than how they found them.


Last Mile Delivery​

The Last Mile team helps get customer packages from delivery stations to a customer’s doorstep. Amazon has grown its Last Mile delivery efforts helping to speed up customer delivery times and provide new innovations to customers.

Working on the front lines of their Last Mile tech team means that you have a tangible impact on an our customer’s experience getting their package. They deliver packages (and groceries, Prime Now, 3P, and Restaurant orders) to homes, businesses, Amazon Lockers, and even cars all over the world! This network is powered by hundreds of small businesses and tens of thousands of drivers that leverage Amazon technology to deliver millions of smiles to customers each day.

The technology innovations that are developed by the Last Mile Technology team help scale this exponentially growing part of our network and include a wide breadth of solutions from ML and operations research-based routing and planning algorithms, their own in-house maps and navigation platform, IoT and hardware innovations, doorstep delivery experience, and the consumer grade native mobile apps that brings all these experiences together.

Roles we are hiring

For this particular Hackathon, we are recruiting for Software Development Engineers Level 2 for Amazon only. Requirements include the following:

  • Bachelors Degree In Computer Science/Mathematics/Engineering or Bootcamp with 8-10 Years of industry experience

  • 4+ Years of Industry (non internship) Experience developing in OOP Languages such as (Python, Java, Perl, Ruby, C# or other OOP Language)

  • 2+ Years of experience contributing to systems design/architecture and scaling of new and current systems

What will happen at the Hackathon?

At the start of the Hackathon, you will be put into teams to solve a real-life business problem. Then, we'll be giving you three different milestones to achieve throughout the weekend. Everyone in the team will have different objectives to meet. At the end, you'll be able to develop a joint presentation of what you and your team have completed. In a nutshell, we will be running an experience that will give you a glimpse of what it's like to work at Amazon in Nashville. 


Team Formation

You'll be pre-formed into teams so we can see how you work with people you've just met


Expert Advice

Learn about the Amazon hiring process and ask your questions to our mentors and recruiters



We'll be giving you a business problem to solve for you and your team to work together on



Mentors will be there to help you along the way. We want to see your skills in a real-world environment

Application Process

Everyone who comes to this Hackathon has the possibility of landing a final-round interview loop with Amazon. This means that in order for participants to have the best experience, we require everyone to apply. All potential participants must follow the below steps to participate: 

  • April 5: Applications officially open

  • May 19: #HackForHire Information Session

  • May 23: Applications close

  • May 27: Acceptance letters for top candidates

  • June 2: #HackForHire Preparation Workshop 

  • June 4-5: #HackForHire Hackathon

  • June 10: Final round interviews are scheduled

  • June 20: Letter of offers sent out to successful candidates


What is a Hackathon?

 A Hackathon is a pressurized competition where groups come together to design, develop, and demonstrate a solution over a short period of time. For this Hackathon, we are creating a challenge topic and using this event as a tool to land participants into final round interviews at Amazon. The whole experience will help you get a glimpse of what it's like to work at Amazon. There will be networking opportunities, the ability to see the new office space, and mentors will be available to answer any of your questions. Don't worry, it won't be daunting. We want you to be your authentic self. 

Who can participate in a Hackathon?

We are recruiting for are Software Development Engineers Level 2 at this Hackathon so the ideal profile should meet the criteria which we listed at the top of the website. Don't fit into the above criteria? Don't worry, we'll be hosting a non-technical webinar so you can find out more about Amazon's hiring process. All open positions for SDE IIs are for the Nashville offices. 

What is the difference between #HackTN and #HackForHire-Amazon?

#HackTN's purpose was to activate the technology ecosystem in Tennessee. It was a community focused event aimed at bringing individuals together to network and learn. 

#HackForHire's purpose is to land participants into final round interviews at Amazon. We'll be replicating as much of the culture as we can so you can demonstrate your skills to recruiters. 

I am under 21 years. Can I participate?

We are sorry but this event is for individuals who are over 21 years only. 

Do I need to form a team before we join the Hackathon?

No, we will be placing you in people you might work with! Come with an open mindset. 

What do I need to bring to the Hackathon?

Bring your laptop and charger, notepads and pens, an open mindset and positive attitude!

What does my ticket include?

  • Parking at the Amazon offices in Nashville Yards

  • Opportunity to network with Amazon recruiters

  • Build up your resume with what you've created at the Hackathon

  • Learn about the Amazon hiring process

  • Breakfast and lunch will be included on both Saturday and Sunday


Who owns the Intellectual Property of the solution at the Hackathon?

We don't own anything, you do! We also abide by the Hack Code of Conduct 

Need help?

Contact Angela@HackathonsInternational.com

Mentors and Recruiters

The benefits of going to a Hackathon is that you can learn new skills, solve problems, and have the capability to ask people who are experts in the field. Our mentors can help you throughout the Hackathon and Amazon interview process. 

Kayla Barnett.jpg

Kayla Barnett

Client Lead Recruiter

Dustin Eden.jpg

Dustin Eden

Talent Acquisition 

dakota jones.jfif

Dakota Jones

Diversity Recruiter

Rob campbell.jfif

Dustin Eden

Technical Recruiter

Angela Bee Chan - square.jpg

Angela Bee Chan

Co-Founder, CEO

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David Velez_edited.jpg

David Velez

Marketing Specialist

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Watch to learn more

We've produced videos and articles so you can find out about what will be doing on. We are also inviting anyone that supported #HackTN in March this year to come and participate. The format of the Hackathon will be similar to that of #HackTN so click on the links to learn more. 

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